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    Napoleon’s retreat from Russia 1812 - postcard

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    exploring more of these

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    Hoechst AG building - Peter Behrens

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  • Joey Ramone
  • "To me, punk is about being an individual and going against the grain and standing up and saying ‘This is who I am’."
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  • Pedro Vergani’s amazing graduation film from Gobelins and CalArts. #animation #gobelins #CalArts

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    Thursday night’s opening of Alex Gross’s “Future Tense” at Jonathan LeVine Gallery in New York’s Chelsea district greeted viewers with a heavy dose of consumer culture. The exhibition initially comes off as accessible and playfully reflective of modern addictions, yet the works as a group are rather grim and much harder to swallow than their glossy, candy-colored exteriors would suggest. Read more on Hi-Fructose.

  • D’oh

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    LA mural organizers Branded Arts are curating an enormous pop-up show for a good cause. Featuring some of the most talked-about artists from the street art and new contemporary art movements, the event will take place the night of October 25 at Hollywood’s TCL Chinese Theatre. One can expect to find stencil works by Banksy hanging next to Andrew Hem’s luminous paintings, Dabs Myla’s cartoony creations, Buff Monster’s jolly blobs and Swoon’s assemblages, just to name a few examples. Plus, Talib Kweli will be DJing. Proceeds from the event will benefit Vista Del Mar Child and Family Services. Take a look at a sneak peek of the artwork in the show on Hi-Fructose.

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    Welcome to my world of weird animating. So this is one of my favorite shots not only because of it’s quality but also because for me it was the first time directing a subtle acting and for Lena it was the first time when she was animating a subtle acting. So we were carefully managing all his fingers and eyeballs movements as precisely as his thoughts. In the most of cases animation in this film was done direct-in-color, but into complicated shots it was painted over tie-down. So the first stage was silly painted key-poses, then after several takes a rough animation by Lena was incredibly-well done. After that I was drawing clean key-poses over it and Lena was tying-it-down and cleaning-up.

    Oh thank you mighty Lena for this great time and for the all the inspiration you gave to me with your hard work! (it’s a secret but now she is working on something really mad-looking)

    You can check her demoreel here. And if you haven’t seen my film it is still there.  

  • Britain’s Children Are Turning to Tablets from today’s @Independent #tech #childrensmedia #childrensbooks #infogram