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  • The waxing weeks of Autumn.

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    Sea banana’s big day. This is the dude I’m finishing during my Dubious Beasts demo today at Archimedes Gallery. But, Leslie and I took him out tidepooling this morning.

    He was kind of a jerk about it(he doesn’t like barnacles, and it was cold) but we saw some great anemone, sea stars and even a sea slug!

    You can buy the rest of the work up for Dubious Beasts at Archimedes Gallery right now! (http://archimedesgallery.com/dubious-beasts-symbiosis/)

    Reblogging some old stuff(on queue) because I’m in the desert building a haunted house! :) This is Sea Banana, one of my favourite sculptures so far this year. (he’s sold).

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    Keizersgracht - Amsterdam, The Netherlands

    take me there

    What a cool place

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    In the pitch black emptiness of space, there is no emptiness at all.

    This is space wanderlust.

    Traveling in space needs precise navigation, and a variety

    of video games to keep those sane minds sane

    Travel with someone? Even better.

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    I made a loop for loopdeloop-blog this month. Take a look at the non-looping version.. Loop!

    Ah mah gosh..so many feels. Aaron Mcdonald’s submission for our Nickelodeon sponsored theme, Childhood.

  • Y&R (Brazil) for LG Hombot

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    The ‘100 Cats’ exhibition is UP and open for THIS WEEKEND ONLY at A-side B-side Gallery, Hackney. Featuring 36 illustrators and 100 pieces of cat themed artwork. Catch it while you can!

    Due to popular demand the 100 Cats show will run for an extra day opening 12-6pm today! If you’re in London get yourself to the A-side B-side Gallery in Hackney asap!

  • Drinking the Kings Beer. #hamptoncourt

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  • #Hyperlapse The road to Marylebone

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    Photos from the install of drawing in the stairwell of the New Brown Institute for Media Innovation in the Pulitzer Hall, Columbia University.

  • "Our terror is delivered to the wretched of the earth with industrial weapons. It is, to us, invisible. We do not stand over the decapitated and eviscerated bodies left behind on city and village streets by our missiles, drones and fighter jets. We do not listen to the wails and shrieks of parents embracing the shattered bodies of their children. We do not see the survivors of air attacks bury their mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. We are not conscious of the long night of collective humiliation, repression and powerlessness that characterizes existence in Israel’s occupied territories, Iraq and Afghanistan. We do not see the boiling anger that war and injustice turn into a caldron of hate over time. We are not aware of the very natural lust for revenge against those who carry out or symbolize this oppression. We see only the final pyrotechnics of terror, the shocking moment when the rage erupts into an inchoate fury and the murder of innocents. And, willfully ignorant, we do not understand our own complicity. We self-righteously condemn the killers as subhuman savages who deserve more of the violence that created them. This is a recipe for endless terror."